Sale FAQ

What Day and Time? Nov 1st. Eastern Time. 12:00am

How much is the special? 40% off

How long will it last? 1 day. Ends at 11:59pm

How to I participate? Simply use the provided code

Can I purchase more than 1? Yes, No purchase limit

Is it a final sale? All custom clutches are final sales

What about shipping? We are working on a flat rate and will update once finalized.

Will I get it in time for Christmas? Yes. 

How long will it take to get my clutch? 8 weeks, This is more than our normal lead time to the anticipated number of sales.

Do I get to see a digital mock up of my design? Yes, allow 2 weeks.

What if I want two different designs on each side? Send us an email at if one side is a pattern. We need to approve it first.

What if I want a pattern? Send us an email at We need to approve it first.

What if I am unsure of what I want but want to take advantage of the sale? We advise that you have your design at time of purchase.

What if I am purchasing from Lagos? Kindly follow the link below :)